Red Leap is a devised physical theatre company. The devising process values participation, shared energy and ideas.The company work collectively with the Artistic Director to craft the work. These values, and the notion that we improve our own practice by sharing our skills with others, are at the heart of our company. We approach storytelling in a distinctive way and don’t shy away from new possibilities. We are open, collaborative and encourage young professionals in the industry to be their best.


To build trust, connection and unforgettable theatre.

We believe in the company.

We celebrate and support womens stories and talents.

We strive for commitment and seek people’s strengths, constantly inspired by the people we work with and what they bring to the work.

We believe in process and the power of collaboration.

The uncertainty is why we do it, when there is break through it’s exhilarating and life changing.

We believe in the human spirit.

Our vision is to provoke the audience by gifting them a transformative experience that awakens their imagination.

We believe in making art.

Core Team

Artistic Director

Julie Nolan


Angela Hicks

Business Manager

Derek Simpson

Development Manager

Grant Mouldey

Education and Outreach Manager

Julie Zhu