Women led theatre that is bold, visual, and ignites the imagination

Red Leap is a devising theatre company, dedicated to innovating theatrical form through the intersection of dynamic physicality, arresting imagery, and inventive original storytelling. 

We strongly believe in the strength of collaboration to celebrate the power of the imagination.

Based in Aotearoa New Zealand, our offices, rehearsal space and workshop are located at Corban Estate Arts Centre in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.


Red Leap acknowledges that there is a multiplicity of people who are encompassed by the term women. Gender is an increasingly contested construct. Red Leap is invested in this ongoing kōrero. We seek to address the racial, and gendered power dynamics that exist inside the intersectionality of being women living in a colonised country. 

Red Leap creates theatre that celebrates women as the central voice. 

It is essential that women have the tools, agency, and resources to tell their stories with autonomy and authenticity.

We see a lack of space for women to create work. The traditional power hierarchies that define our industry mean that too often, women are refused the opportunity to be driving the decision-making processes, both operationally and on the rehearsal room floor.


We envision a robust network of diverse women creating high quality, impactful devised theatre in Aotearoa. 

All women are represented in their multiple places of being. We see intentional uplifting of women who sit on the intersections of age, race, gender, disability and neurodiversity. There is space for the most marginalised women to lead. 

There are clear pathways for women to have sustainable careers creating, devising and directing theatre.


Collaboration is integral to our processes, ensuring that every voice is empowered to contribute. 

Red Leap has a thriving education and development programme, inspiring young and emerging artists on the potential of devised theatre. We ignite this potential amongst the future generation, activating the creative agency for devising artists to emerge and flourish. Red Leap ensures young people are given an understanding of their options to form their career.

We are intentional in our casting and collaborative relationships to include a multiplicity of representation. This is mirrored in our operational and governance going forward.

Our programming places women’s voices at the centre. Red Leap creates transformative theatre experiences that celebrates womens’ stories as vital, engaging and impactful.



Fostering the relationship between audience and company – empowering the audience to engage with the making process through feedback, open rehearsals; then igniting their imaginations with the final production.

Developing emerging practitioners, fostering their voices

Believing in something greater than ourselves


Empowering all voices in the devising team, valuing equity of communication, towards a truly collaborative process.

Collaborate with teachers to upskill the next generation of theatre makers


Dedication to the devising process, creating new stories from the ground up.

Dedication to new work

Commitment to equality

Courage to remain faithful to the devising process


We seek to activate the imagination of the audience

Transforming how audiences engage with theatre

Inspiring the audience to open their hearts to the power of transformation


We make work of the highest quality

Core Team

Artistic Director

Ella Becroft

General Manager

Grant Mouldey

Education Manager

Emma Deakin

Associate Artist

Yin-Chi Lee