The Arrival

Adapted from the award winning graphic novel by Shaun Tan, The Arrival is a universal migrant tale set in a fantastical time and place.

A man flees his homeland and journeys across vast seas to arrive in a strange, wondrous new world where giant ships fly through the air and curious creatures abound. There he negotiates dazzling architecture, bizarre foods and foreign tongues to build a new life. On his travels the man meets fellow migrants each with their own tale to tell.

Like Tan’s book this production is a tribute to migrants, refugees and displaced people worldwide. It is ultimately a story of overcoming hardship, of humanity and of hope.

Commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival 2009. Winner of 6 Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards including Best Production, Most Original Production, Best Director, Best Set Design, Best Costume Design and Best Newcomer.

In 2018 The Arrival was reworked to perform at Out of the Box Festival for Children in Brisbane.

Paper Sky

Henry is a writer and recluse. His heroine, Lumina, fights for her life in a papery world. When a woman moves in next door interrupting Henry’s solitude, his story begins to take on a life of its own. Pages fly, a woman is drowned, memories catch fire, love burns. Discovering Henry’s writings and intrigued by Lumina’s desperate plight the woman next door challenges Henry to face the truth of his stories. Reality blurs with fiction and their lives are changed forever.

A tale of light, love and courage, as two worlds meet in the mind of one man.

Commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival 2011.

Winner of two Chapman Tripp Theatre awards for Most Original Production and Best Design 2012.

Education resource available

  • A professionally filmed full recording of the show
  • Filmed interviews with the co-directors Kate Parker and Julie Nolan
  • Filmed interviews with cast members

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