Moe Miti

I will taste the bitter separation and oil my skin with it. I will listen for all that is old and with my ear pressed to the dirt, hear those who sing my name on the wind.

Red Leap Associate Artist Katrina George leads a Pasifika ensemble in the creation of this devised work.

Through choreography, indigenous instrumentation, evocative text, and cutting-edge technology, Moe Miti erupts onto the stage. In an ode to the power of storytelling, three generations of Pasifika women attempt to rewrite the future by contending with the past. In the shifting space between waking and sleep, ancient lineages take shape in the darkness. 

Pepe, a young woman born in New Zealand, confronts a severance from both her mother Valu and her language and culture. Her land and lineage are on the tip of her tongue, but Valu leaves her mute as she vies for centre stage. When their ancestor Aiga emerges in a dreamscape, and refuses to be ignored, ancient and contemporary identities converge in a collision of intergenerational reconciliation and transformation. Origin stories of cruelty and courage crawl into consciousness. 

As plumes of smoke, beams of electric blue light, and spirits appear and recede into the darkness, ancient and contemporary stories collide, pushing theatrical boundaries. Through a uniquely Pasifika lens, this production explores universal themes of family, identity, migration, and the quest for connection. Moe Miti is a means to reclaim identity, honour heritage, and forge a path towards healing.