One boy, a drifting island, and a restless sea.

Far from land at the height of a great storm a baby boy is snatched from his mother by the sea. Many years later a young man is washed up on a drifting raft island. To the people he is a welcome fishing omen bringing with him an abundant catch. Waves of fish follow the boy and the raft people stir with a greed that becomes insatiable. The people are not who he thought they were and the boy begins to fear for his life and for the sea.

"Red Leap’s physical storytelling smarts, deep imagination, and stunning design this time creates a world above, and below the ocean, that you can’t keep your eyes off." - James Wenley, Theatrescenes


Devising cast
Antonia Stehlin
Dahnu Graham
Ella Becroft
Jade Daniels
Leroy Lakamu
Min Kim
Moko Smith
Shadon Meredith
Tom Eason

Kate Parker
Julie Nolan

Set design
John Verryt

Costume Design
Elizabeth Whiting

Lighting Design
Vanda Karolczak

Sound Design and Composition
Claire Cowan

Imagery Design
Kate Parker

Props Design and Construction
Bec Ehlers
Ryan Attwood
Kate Parker

Yoga and Meditation
Swami Yogamani

Performance History

Maidment Theatre
March 2014

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