Aotearoa Workshops

“Red Leap makes such a difference to our students. The company’s level of detail and attention to value driven approaches to making theatre is out of this world. Our students learn more than just devising strategies but strong moral principles and have great role models to look to in the work they bring.” Teacher Feedback

Red Leap are leaders in delivering highly impactful workshops exploring physical theatre and devising processes. We run workshops across the motu.

Our highly energetic and creative workshops demystify the devising process, empowering participants with accessible and inspiring tools to take their ideas and turn them into arresting, dynamic theatre.

We get participants out of their heads and on to the floor, strengthening their physical awareness and connection through exploring play, impulse and ensemble. Using a range of elements such as text, movement, object manipulation/puppetry, sound and set materials, participants explore a range of storytelling techniques.

Our workshops aim to arm participants with accessible tools and techniques they can easily employ in their work.

“Your company’s work is exceptional and it has been such a privilege to teach my students the work and let them connect with such moving performance.” Teacher Feedback

“I have had students continue with the subject after it ceases to be compulsory as they found the directors so inspiring.” Teacher Feedback


  • Ensemble building
  • Stylising action
  • Physical and gestural approaches to character
  • Object and puppetry manipulation
  • Generating text through a devised approach
  • Involving design elements in the devising process - creative approaches to set materials and lighting techniques


  • 2 hour workshops
  • Full day workshops
  • School residencies - ongoing engagement across a term, year, or production
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“Being the creator and the actor was super freeing in a way, like WOW, I can do what I want. And I think the emotional nature of the subject matter really really helped, because you could connect it to so many global issues. I think being able to connect to that meant we felt validated in our concerns, that we could channel into our performance” Student Feedback