International Workshops

"Working with Red Leap is an excellent introduction to the very best of storytelling and physical theatre. Their approach is subtle, inventive and playful, so the learning for the participant comes thick and fast. I would recommend their workshops highly." NEIL HARRIS, SHATIN COLLEGE, HONG KONG

Red Leap is a multi-award winning physical theatre company, crossing the forms of physical theatre, imagery and storytelling.

Our international workshop programme has reached schools throughout Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and Macau.

Our highly energetic and creative workshops demystify the devising process, empowering participants with accessible and inspiring tools to take their ideas and turn them into arresting, dynamic theatre.

We get participants out of their heads and on to the floor, strengthening their physical awareness and connection through exploring play, impulse and ensemble. Using a range of elements such as text, movement, object manipulation/puppetry, sound and set materials, participants explore a range of storytelling techniques.

Our workshops aim to arm participants with accessible tools and techniques they can easily employ in their work.

"Having Red Leap Theatre work with our Drama and Theatre students here at UWCSEA East was a truly amazing experience. In preparation for their Collaborative Theatre Projects, our IBDP students were able to fully immerse themselves in the creative approaches that Red Leap use when devising. At all levels, the breadth of approaches explored was significant including puppetry, found objects, movement and scene building. We found Ella and Julie really quite wonderful when engaging with our students across the Middle and High schools and the students responded extremely positively to their visit and the impact that the workshops had on their own theatre. We would jump at the chance to have them work in our school again." Head of Drama, UWCSEA East Campus, Singapore


  • Ensemble building
  • Stylising action
  • Physical and gestural approaches to character
  • Object and puppetry manipulation
  • Generating text through a devised approach
  • Involving design elements in the devising process - creative approaches to set materials and lighting techniques


We are able to create a bespoke programme that offers the best of both our in person and digitalofferings.

Red Leap can visit your school in person, running workshops that empower students with the tools to create their devised work. We can begin the devising process with them in person, creating a solid base for them to work independently.

Once we have left, we will continue to engage with students digitally - providing video feedback sessions on their work, live Q&A sessions, and provocations.

This ongoing engagement can go on to include career support and guidance sessions.

"Our students are still buzzing from the week and will continue to talk about their experiences for a long time yet. We appreciated the time, energy and effort that went into structuring the activities as well as the expectation that students participated and performed at a high level." ASH HUXTABLE, AUSTRALIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SINGAPORE

“A few weeks after the workshop, the students were tasked with leading an exploration to their small groups. Every student succeeded in leading and giving instructions. Each group generated multiple moments of theatre that had great potential to develop for their final pieces. It was clear that they gained confidence by seeing how it's not "difficult" to just play if they allow themselves to play. I could see they gained confidence and were proud of what they created in a short amount of time.” Teacher feedback, NIST International School, Thailand