Dakota of the White Flats

Dakota of the White Flats is an adaption of award-winning author and playwright Philip Ridley children’s novel. Directed by Ella Becroft and created for audiences aged 10 to 110, Dakota of the White Flats is currently in development and will premiere in 2020.

Dakota Pink is 13-years-old and afraid of nothing. She has short, black, spiky hair, wears high top Doc Martens and has a face so pale it seems to glow in the dark.

Dakota lives in a dreary housing complex on the edge of a polluted canal, with cracked footpaths, rubbish filled fountains, and a skyline spiked with television aerial crowns. Abandoned supermarket trolleys litter the streets and the oil slick water of the canal is filled with monstrous mutant eels who feast on anyone who tries to cross the water.

One day Dakota and her best friend Treacle discover a secret that sends them across the polluted canal to the broken glass fortress on Dog Island.